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Hi there. I'm Howard Hallis.

My Doctor Strange Collection is one of the largest private collections of comics & memorabilia devoted to the Marvel Master of The Mystic Arts in the world, with more than 6600 individual items.

Since I began actively (and obsessively) collecting all things Doctor Strange in 2002, the character has gone from obscurity to notoritety in both the Marvel Universe and the public's consciousness at large. I had no idea back then that Marvel would strike gold in casting Benedict Cumberbatch in the movies. All I knew is that they would probably make a movie some day. Spider-Man and the X-Men were already hits, so chances were good Hollywood would make their way down the classic Marvel character roster. And boy did they... with Strange appearing in some of the most successful movies of all time.

Back in 2002, Spidey and the Mutant collectibles were already too expensive for me to consider seriously collecting. But Doctor Strange back then (outside of the comic book world) was obscure enough for me to amass a formidable museum's worth of stuff. And that's what I did for the next 20 years. I did it partly as a way to get over my dad's death and partly as a way to relax my mind as I scrolled through eBay and hunted down rare treasures around the internet.

So what am I going to do with my gigantic Doctor Strange haul... other than creating this site on the internet?

I plan to sell my entire collection in 2023... either in a giant auction on eBay to correspond with San Diego Comic Con or as individual lots if the auction doesn't meet its minimum bid. The auction on eBay will start on July 20, the first day of San Diego Comic Con, and end three days later on July 23rd.

So what is the minimum bid for all this stuff?


Yeah that's a lot of money, but you get a lot of bang for your buck:

• Multiple copies of Strange Tales #110 including a rare Pence variant and a CGC Signature Series 5.5 signed by Stan Lee
• Original art from comic book legends Gene Colan (unpublished cover), Frank Brunner (commission with Doctor Strange, Clea, Cthulhu and characters from DC Comics Sandman), Alex Ross, Michael Gilbert, Brendan McCarthy, Brian Hitch, Mike Allred, Sergio Aragones, Fred Hemback, Dan Bereton, and many others.
• Hundreds of books, toys, sculptures, pins, promos, and other rare items from around the world.
• Complete runs of Strange Tales #110-167, Doctor Strange Vol 1 #169-183, Marvel Premiere #3-14, Doctor Strange Vol 2 #1-81. Doctor Strange Vol 3 #1-90, Defenders Vol 1 #1-152 with duplicates and all 30/35 cent variants.
• Modern runs of all Doctor Strange titles, mini series, and one shots with almost all retailer variants.
• Hundreds of trading cards, t-shirts, Heroclix figures, and unopened Funko Pops including the rare Freddy Funko As Doctor Strange
• One of a kind custom Mego figures and ouija board
• A complete collection of limited edition Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange and Defenders direct sales variants
• Official theatrical double sided movie posters of Doctor Strange, Spider-Man No Way Home, and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness
• Marvel Studios movie promos from every Doctor Strange fillm
• Every Lego set related to Doctor Strange... all unopened.
• Quite possibly the largest collection of international Doctor Strange comic books and graphic novels in the world.

Breaking up the collection is not my first choice, as the ideal situation would be to move this into the hands of another big collector, but we will see what happens. I'm open to offers but $110k is the minimum for the whole thing, and I'm not selling stuff individually until after the auction is over.

If the person who wins the auction lives in the San Diego area and can pick up the items, I'll throw in some poster racks, book shelves, and display cabinets. These things will be too big to ship.

Throughout the year I'll be working on little promo pieces about the collection until the day of the auction. After that the site will either turn into a store or a digital museum.





Meltdown Comics show in Hollywood, California, 2006:

Meltdown Flyer 1 Meltdown Flyer 2
Meltdown Photo 1 Meltdown Photo 2
Meltdown Photo 3
Meltdown Photo 4


On display at the California Science Center in downtwon Los Angeles in 2006 (as part of a larger Marvel exhibit):


CSS Photo 1 CSS Photo 2
CSS Photo 3
CSS Photo 4

On display at Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton, CA back in 2018:

Comic Book Hideout photo Comic Book Hideout 2


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